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Civil Construction with EPS Panel Method

We are introducing the concept of building Eco friendly houses with Expanded Polystyrene Panel System (EPPS) and this concept is most successful in international Countries. The EPPS is unique in providing a fast eco friendly with easy construction method.

It is adaptable to all types of structures from affordable housing to upscale homes, hotels, and Warehouses as well as schools and strip malls, privacy walls can also be constructed with EPPS.

What is the EPS Panels Construction Method?

Product Introduction

How does EPS Construction compare to conventional building system?

What are the Advantages with EPS Panels Construction?

Product Specification

Technical Specification

What is the EPS Panels Construction Method?

The EPPS construction system is based on a series of polystyrene panels and galvanized steel wire meshes. The shape has been especially designed for the introduction of traditional or structural plaster during on-site panel installation. EPPS provides a system of industrialized modular panels allowing for faster assembly than conventional systems. The EPPS fulfils the required structural and load-bearing functions, offering high thermal and sound resistance and a wide range of shapes and finishes to provide versatility in the design compaction process.

Product Introduction

A) Polystyrene core which is non-toxic, non-hazardous, self-extinguishing and chemically inert with varying density (HD 16 density 0.936 lbs/ft3 or 15 kg m3) and thickness depending on panel type.

B) Electro welded steel wire meshes made of galvanized drawn steel wires placed on both sides of the polystyrene panel and connected by means of joints of the same material. The wire gauge steel net varies according to panel type and mesh direction.

The Panel Consists of..
1. High Density Polystyrene Core
2. Two engineered layers of Galvanized Steel Mesh
3. Galvanized Steel Trusses pierced through the Polystyrene Core and welded to both sides of the outer layer sheets of steel mesh

What are the Advantages with EPS Panels Construction?

Cost Saving: Direct cost savings due to reduced labor, reduced material and cheaper construction equipment. Low weight of the product also reduces logistical costs.

Fast Implementation: The simple design, efficient production, easy transportation and quick erection of the building unit reduce time-lines of projects of all sizes by up to 60%.

Structural Integrity (Earthquake resistance): The monolithic structure created by the panel in conjunction with concrete enables it to withstand earthquakes up to 6.5 Richter scale, hurricanes and high winds.

Simple Construction: The EPS system consolidates the masonry, insulation, plastering and utilities addition steps thus reducing the construction complexity.

Thermal Insulation: The core material used in EPS which is an excellent thermal insulator. It reduces temperature up to 6 to 8 degrees

Fireproof: The EPS panel has passed the 120 minute fireproofing test of NCI. It is approved as a fireproofing material for internal & external construction.

Moisture proof: The panel is excellent for preventing condensation/absorption on interior walls. The external walls can use waterproofing mortar for additional protection.

Soundproof: The panels have superior sound dampening culpability compared to masonry walls and can be further enhanced if both sides are plaster-boarded.

Carbon Footprints: Reduction in carbon footprints up to 60%.

Dead Loads: Reduction in DEAD LOADS up to 30% compared to traditional construction.

Product Specification

The EPS Panels are available in the below mentioned sizes…

Width - 1200mm
Length - 2000 ~ 6000mm
EPS Wall Thickness - 50, 80mm
EPS Slab Thickness - 50, 80,100,120mm
Mesh - 50 X 50mm, 100 X 100mm
Mesh Wire thickness - 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm

Technical Specification

Wall Panels: (2.5mm wire, 50X50mm mesh, 50mm EPS Panel, 1” plaster on both sides)

Self Load - 120kg/m²
Load Bearing - 350kN/m

Roof Panels: (2.5mm wire, 50X50mm mesh, 50mm EPS Panel, 1” plaster on both sides +3” mortar)








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